5 Calendar Problems That Eat Your Productivity

You know how I sometimes go on about the word content. Even writing;

Content is a horrible, generic, cheap, anything will do’ kind of word. Which is why content’ has no value. It is in the best interests of buyers of our sweat, labour, thought and time to keep their prices down. So they pretend it is homogenous. It is not.

Yeah, well that block quote below … that is content. Seriously - the site is called Killer Startups’ and it actually chose to republish this article from some site called calendar.com’.

The 5 Calendar Problems that eat your productivity!! Seriously if you are reading Killer Start Ups’ on a regular basis because you are in a start up and think this is useful added value to your life - you need to get out of startups!!!!

  1. Forgetting to Figure in Travel Time

  2. Not Blocking Time for Work Projects

  3. Neglecting to Review Your Calendar

  4. Avoiding the Use of Calendar Tools

  5. Forgetting to Add Entries

John Rampton republishing Kayla Sloan

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