The Tesla Buying Experience

Not All Experience’s Are Good


I’m confused by an ecosystem in which you need to meet archiac standards for a passport, which is a vital piece of identification (for example, it is a big help to getting a car which massively improves standard of life) whilst any rich dickhead can get their hands on and use these advanced weapons with relative ease.

Simon Woods

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I was in a shopping mall recently and so used the rare occasion to wander into the Tesla store - mall’s being where Tesla keep their Auto Stores - rather than the perfectly acceptable equivalent in ‘Auto Row’ where all other car dealers operate.

Anyway - that is another rant. This is referencing the fact that the three core Tesla models were on show - and - a rough guesstimate that some 30 to 35 ‘people’ were in there. The volume of sound was - to borrow a phrase - all the way up yo 11.

People in ‘commas’ because around 15 of those ‘people’ were kids - but not nice kids - loud, excited, sugar fueled, obnoxious kids that thought that they were in a playground. And the cars were the equivalent of swings, roundabouts, jungle jims and slides.

It was impossible to look at a car up close and personal - let alone actually sit in one. All three cars driver seats were occupied by a child in the sub 9 year old category.

No single adult seemed to be in charge of said sugar farms. Nobody seemed interested in helping someone without kids that might be interested in learning more.

I think that this buying process is a filter that ensures that only self involved, loud, narcissistic, moronic people manage to get through the hoops and and actually buy said battery on wheels. No paper ID needed - oh no - you are filtered by character right at the beginning of the sales funnel. (1)

  1. … normally I don’t use the term funnel in describing a buying process. I find it a bad, mechanical, non human term that drives the thinking of a corporation to treat their market places as mindless automons that need to be processes - not as people - but in this case - funnel is absolutely the correct term.

June 8, 2018