This chap has another blog - People First - over here, where recently he has been writing some short - very short - stories based on conversations he has had with people he meets.

He just wrote this story based on a semi overheard conversation - which somehow didn’t seem to fit the thread of the other site - but seemed perfect for here … so, without further ado …

“What you mean is that you don’t know!”

“What will he say?” “Seriously?” “Well look - he’s going to be OK … but … “ “How could you?” Half heard exchanges. Well - not really exchanges, the words were all coming from the little guy. The ‘alpha dog’. gang-tattoos The big guy. The one with ‘the tats’ is silent, just looking - unclear if he was listening but lets say if you passed him on a street, you’d probably cross the road. He is absolutely not someone you want to meet on your own around the allies and arches of London Bridge. Which is where the three of us were heading.

It’s the little guy DIRECTING the big guy. Telling the big guy what to do. Giving him a hard time. Giving him lip. I looked around the carriage - still only the three of us. The little guy keeps looking at me, and then turning his back on me and whispering in the big guy’s ear. The big guy is searching his pockets. In between checking his pockets, the little guy keeps talking/ Keeps leaning in. Whispering but ensuring(?) that some of his words are heard … “looking at us” I can read the look in his face. The hardness. The aggression. I’ve seen the look. It’s a look you don’t want. It’s the unspoken threat. And that’s the little guy. The big guy is worried. Nervous. “There you go.“ Smiles break out. On both faces. “I said you had it. Where was it?” “In my pocket.” .. the first words from the human wrecking ball. “See. Told you.” The laughter echoed down the carriage. Just the three of us. The big guy was holding his phone. Found it.

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