It isn’t that we share shoes …. more that we interact.

It started as a simple chat about the ukelele as an instrument.

“Simple”? Ha!

Now, no spoilers, please.

But then, somehow, as ever… It was Another Chap that started it all, when he threw this out ..

Jazz, Classical, but ukulele?

Don’t disrespect the ukulele.

and then went right on to share James Hill doing Voodoo Child

and then naturally ‘Jake’ doing Bohemian Rhapsody

and then John said …

Cough - the chaps do not disrepect the Ukelele, we know the instrument well … including Jake. In Maui we have both Vince Esquire and Andrew Molina … to name but two.

and, adding helpfully …


Ahem. Yes. Adding Helpfully.

There’s ‘Uncle Willie’.

As I said … helpfully?

But ‘Uncle Willie. {redacted (to avoid the lawsuit)}, even though he makes ALL his money from ’them’, because he is so ‘authentic’

Well, if what I read before it was redacted doesn’t say he’s authentic - I don’t know what does?

[wd_hustle id=aat type=embedded]  

But Tom is his current lead axe man - who doesn’t do the ‘Uke’ - but really IMHO - neither does Willie.


There then came a parting of agreement. A doubling-down, if you will.

I thought the choice of material, for an Hawaiian musician, was interesting, though. His electric version of Nissun Dorma was great – no vid, unfortunately.

BTW, as a side note [an acquaintance] credited herself with saving him from a fate worse than death on the mainland.

I think she meant fame and fortune.

BTW, we really should not forget the Ho’opi’is – adding falsetto to the mix.

Not a wise choice, it seems.

It’s THAT kind of Uke music that give Uke music a bad name … but then again … who am I?

New news re [acquaintance]

She shouldn’t have bothered!

Well now we’re adding a little assistive gasoline.

EmphASSis on ASS

Meanwhile, Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

Ok, you know what kind of response that is going to g…

Shoot him - before I catch a plane myself!

I do believe, in the words of the Western song, that I heard a Discouraging Word…

Ahem … I believe is the acceptable interrupting mechanism here … returning to topic

The list is long; some more candidates

Some maybe more deserving than others …

Kemo Hussey, Lyle Ritz, Roy Smeck, TinyTim, Arthur Godfrey, George Formby,Bill Tapia, Gerald Ross, Taimane Gardner, George Harrison, etc., etc.  (Yes, a somewhat jazz slant).

I think it boils down to most people writing it off, without understanding it. Then again - the banjo is oft written off - but we don’t see the equivalent proof of ‘not so fast’ from the ‘banjo brigade’. BTW - don’t forget Joe Brown and Peter Sellars

George Formby is part of my Northern childhood. (OK, wrong side of the Pennies, but…) Tiny Tim, on the other hand, I may deny as before my time, depending who I’m talking to and what I’m after… Pennines, dammit!

And we’re off on another tangent

I was going to say - as a lad I was told that BOTH sides of the Pennines were on the wrong side of the Pennies

Pennies Envy?

Tom, it’s a Wars of the Roses thing

Sorry … what? Just catching up with these chaps.


Highly recommend Shaft if you go there.

Whilst considering the fine work of The Ukele Orchestra of Great Britain, you might want to bear in mind that they are so succesful that in 2015 they had to got to the High Court to stop a German group(The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra) to cease and desist from copying their act!

Information like this is just one of those services that the chaps like to deliver to their readership.

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