Tip-toeing Through The Terminology

The Irish writer Flann O’Brien created two characters, Keats and Chapman, who popped up time and again with an insane willingness to do anything for a clever pun or wordplay. The more tortuous the better. So it was that they got into a discussion on eugenics, with one noting that the topic had batted around since the 19th century or earlier, with no-one willing to really grasp the nettle and incorporate it into social-political theory. In fact, said Keats, he’d seen the most useful practical application made by a horse-breeder he knew, who raised excellent stock using pure eugenics principles.

Foals rushed in where Engels feared to tread.

noted Chapman

There’s no doubt that the author has great comic talent, but he seems unable to resist ending a good tale with a bad joke.

The story of at least one Chap’s life.

Sounds like Keats and Chapman might have been the original chaps?

Well, they do have their own bookshop … maybe something to aspire to ?

What’s a bookshop, Dad ?

January 7, 2018