That’s Not A Ceiling Full Of Dollars …

IMG_6339 THAT’S A Ceiling Full Of Dollars! IMG_6550 … with thanks to Crocodile Dundee for the inspiration.

For those interested, the top photo is of a cute little bar on the edge of Los Algodones (yes - where the dental work is border line) …. the one below is from the bar of the only hotel in Oatman - on Route 66. Well, when I say hotel … what USED to be a hotel - but famous for where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon in 1939.

Maybe Clint passed through Oatman in one of his movies?

Possibly …


Is he the one on the right?

By the by …

It is quite amazing how devoted people are to sticking dollars to the ceilings of bars, once prompted, and how quickly they build up. Last time this Chap was in Vegas, Dick’s Bar in the Excalibur was taking down the dollars on its ceiling to donate to the Vegas Strong fund. The bar staff stuck entrusted with this job noted they had been working on it for three weeks and were still not done – not helped by the fact that as fast as they took them down, others were stuck up again.

Like the Forth Bridge, in reverse, then – you know, painting never stops?

Er. Yes. If you say so. Anyway…

[Ahem.] It just goes to show that bar patrons, like Nature, abhor a vacuum.

Especially in a glass.

Sorry - but that picture of the guy painting the bridge … now filed in my ’things you cannot unsee" cabinet.


January 11, 2018