Radiohead DOESN’T Sue Lana Del Rey

radiohead-lana-del-reyRead All About It On Pitchfork … and when you do, you would not be blamed for assuming that Radiohead are

  1. Suing Lana Del Rey
  2. Are pushing for 100% of the royalties
  3. Have walked away from a compromise

How do we know this - other than the Pitchfork article? Well, for starters, - there is her tweet …. and captured here in case it suddenly ‘disappears’. But then there is Radiohead’s music publisher (we added the bold) …

it’s true that we’ve been in discussions since August of last year with Lana Del Rey’s representatives. It’s clear that the verses of “Get Free” use musical elements found in the verses of “Creep” and we’ve requested that this be acknowledged in favour of all writers of “Creep.” To set the record straight, no lawsuit has been issued and Radiohead have not said they “will only accept 100%” of the publishing of “Get Free.”

Variety - just one of many sources

I don’t know if she did plagiarise, though those two songs are pretty similar. BUT. But … I do know that on her twitter account profile she has these words - with no credit.

I ain’t sayin you treated me unkind You could have done better but I don’t mind You just kinda wasted my precious time But don’t think twice, it’s all right

Certainly looks to me like she has a disposition for - ahem - borrowing other people’s work without due credit!

I know right …. meanwhile - why not compare the two songs yourself … presented in cronological order.


Lana Del Rey

HA! Just spotted that Pitchfork had to issue a correction on this article ….

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story inaccurately stated that Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood were members of the Hollies. This has since been corrected.

Doh - obviously they need to be scooled (sic) in the foundations of popular music

Funny how we have to add ‘sic’ more and more these days when employing sarcasm to highlight that it isn’t an error

.. and who is Lana Del Rey again?

.. stop showing your age … but I did have to look her up.

January 12, 2018