England And It’s Identity

After Brexit, England will have to rethink its identity:

… this from Robert Winder at The Guardian.

Whilst this chap  doesn’t exactly disagree with the sentiment …. he does wonder about the article’s overall conclusion and references.

The article opens

The negotiations over Britain’s relations with Europe, the controversy surrounding the border in Ireland and the continuing power of Scottish national sentiment are obliging the English to think harder than usual about who they are and what they want.

and on the way through quotes Noel Coward …

From Colwyn Bay to Kettering They’re sobbing themselves to sleep. Their shrieks and wails In the Yorkshire dales

Have even depressed the sheep. In rather vulgar lettering, A very disgruntled group Have posted bills on the Cotswold hills To prove that we’re in the soup.

Personally, I would have gone with Roy Harper … (the original track on BullInamingvase.)

One of those days in England with the country goin’ broke And Sunday’s joint is cooking in my tree One of those days in England chompin’ baked beans in my coat Tell me when it matters, love, I might just wanna get out of bed to see

But for fun - and if you want to spend a spare 20 minutes - the full version ( lyrics ) - if you are a lover of Pink Floyd’s Animals - you definitely deserve a listen … - both 1977 albums - although no interconnection that I have discovered - though two years before it was Roy that sang vocals on Wish You Were Here’s ‘Have a Cigar’ and is definitely more tightly connected to the Floyd than you might think at first look.

But back to that song … always loved the line ….

But the government must love me ’cause they keep me out of work

This came out in 1972 - so this is not new news ….

As this chap wrote here shortly after Brexit  ….

… the Scots, the Irish and London all have their own Governments that work to ensure that their citizens are looked after.

this is absolutely not the case for England.

in fact ….

There has not been a government of England since 1707, when the Kingdom of England ceased to exist as a sovereign state.

That right there is the problem.

England needs a government. That is an assembly of people the represent their interests. Until that happens, we will indeed remain second-class citizens across the world.

January 9, 2018