2018: Halfway Through the Gauntlet

โ€œThe same is true in this fight. There are massive losses still to come. There will be losses in court, and there will be losses on the ground. Russia, a trivial power in economic terms, still threatens to overrun the Ukraine, it already has governments in Hungary, Poland, Austria and elsewhere which are amenable to it. Germany is teetering on the brink, with the retirement of Angela Merkel. The EU could yet collapse, and so could NATO. Worse, most Americans still havenโ€™t recognized who our real opponent is. Our troops are still dying in Afghanistan, theyโ€™re still stationed in Iraq, and theyโ€™re still supporting Saudi Arabiaโ€™s war in Yemen. Our politics are all focused internally. Any statement that Vladimir Putin is the real enemy and that he must be destroyed for this war to end, which is the plain fact of the matter, isnโ€™t even being addressed.โ€

Dana Blankenhorn

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