A Typical Dialogue

… that the chaps oft’ find themselves in …

… and you complain about YOUR problems.

This chap spotted the new Panton Color Of The Year

We’re switching to Ebonics as default?


Not a bad thing, tho : click through.

Well, the eye candy is fine - but I believe they are paid for the sound - my assumption is that they paid the venue to appear.

Perhaps you were thinking of this Ultra Violet

about which Rotten Tomatoes was pleased to say

An incomprehensible and forgettable sci-fi thriller, Ultraviolet is inept in every regard.

tho personally I prefer this one.

but perhaps more typical in this shot

Funnily enough .. no … I wasn’t …. we obviously operate in different circles ..

Anyone else lost?


Heh - I thought you said you plan these things out.

… we do - what’s the issue?

Seems a little chaotic from where I sit.

You should try sitting where I sit.

Oh .. sorry .. didn’t know you were still here.

Well, that explains a lot - I thought I was here.


December 12, 2017