Donny’s Big Day Out


The Chaps do admire a sharp wit (of course!)–

so we were delighted when this little gem wafted to us via Twitter today

But it also triggered a memory, and some digging back into the vaults, for this delightful little sequence

Getting ready for a big day!

Walking with Uncle Abe!

What I did today!

Night Night!

all the above from the wonderful Sad and Useless.

But as Vox pointed out, we should really be grateful he is such a pathetic figure:

The good news, such as it is, is that Trump’s 10 months on the job have revealed that he lacks the focus, the persistence, the strategic sense, to become the strongman he dreams of being. We have elected an authoritarian, but an apparently incompetent one. That is the bit of luck on which we are gambling our political system.

Not at all a pleasant thought.

November 7, 2017