Spare A Tear For Rupert Murdoch


No, really …

With all the tragedies and dramas going on in the world these days, this chap was concerned that one small personal tragedy was not getting its due consideration – its fair shake, if you will. So please consider this, for a moment: Rupert Murdoch, owner of most of …

all of?

… the profitable media in the world, it seems, apparently can’t get enough of an audience in the UK for his own Fox News on his (almost) own Sky TV to make it viable. So it was ejected removed from the schedule. Sad, yes?

Straight up. It says so right here.

Rupert Murdoch has taken the rightwing US channel Fox News off the air in the UK after 15 years. His US media group 21st Century Fox said it would withdraw Fox News from Sky in the UK on Tuesday because it no longer regarded the service as commercially viable. Sources said the decision to stop broadcasting Fox News, which went off air at 4pm, was not connected to Fox’s £11.7bn takeover bid for Sky, arguing that the channel attracted only about 2,000 viewers a day in the UK.

The Guardian

And if it says so in black and white – or in the case of Mr Murdoch’s more lurid tabloids, red and white – well, it must be true. Yes?

And now over to our media correspondent – and possibly less credulous – Chap.

Well … I do have a bridge to sell if you are interested … and I know that this is nothing to do with the fact that he is trying to turn that ‘almost’ that the other chap referenced above into ‘totally’ and the fact that the scandal riven Fox news might just scupper the whole thing ..

Scupper. I see what you did there. I like maintaning the pirate theme … nice.

Thankyou. Anyway my point is that the last time he tried to turn ‘almost’ into ‘totally’ - when it comes to Sky at least - was a few years ago when Pirate (Piers) Morgan - no relation to the rum (that I am aware of at least) and his henchmen …

OK - we get it - you like the pirate theme.

.. learned all about phone hacking and took down one of Rupert’s more popular and profitable ‘journals of record’ … The News Of The World. Dashed if the government was a little put off by these shenanigans and so put the kybosh on the take over.

Fast forward 5 years, when Rupert thinks it has all blown over, blow me he tries it again. And indeed - it had all been forgotten - seems like that because nobody actually went to prison over the whole affair - well - then it just didn’t happen.

Sadly for Rupert though all those Sex scandals over at Fox - you know - Ailes, O’Reilly, Howowitz, Bolling, to name the few that this chap is aware of … have given pause to the UK’s authorities … ahh, decision …and might not allow the deal to go through.

Fox News? Asks Rupert. Oh no - nothing to do with us … totally separate.

Aaaarghh, J lad, that it be, to be sure…

September 11, 2017