What Drivel

It’s The Clickbait Headline I Object To

The photo above shows many ‘Millenials’ swarming around a septuagenarian. Issues are not driven by age, no more than your birth-date predicts your future. It is all about how you think, how you act and what you want and accept. And it just keeps getting worse. This piece from the inaccurately named ‘Customer Think’ is called ‘Why Millennials May Hate Your Customer Service’. The author (who looks to be a millennial) asks ‘what does make this generation so special and peculiar?’ and then goes onto list;

  • Multiple devices & Channels
  • New Experiences
  • Service On-The-Go
  • Independence & Self-Sufficiency
  • Reliability & Intuitiveness
  • Authenticity & Informal Attitude

Hands up if you are older than 36 years old and don’t

  • use multiple devices and channels
  • want new experiences
  • want service on the go
  • require independence and self-sufficiency
  • want reliability and intuitiveness
  • want authenticity and an informal attitude

thought not.   [wd_hustle id=“post-prompt”]

August 14, 2017