Nice Article …

[gallery columns=“5” ids=“12016,12017,12018,12019,12020,12021,12022,12023,12024,12025”] … from the team at Teamrock, where Steven Wilson guides us through ten ‘concept albums’ you may have missed. Delighted to report that there was only one that I had missed …. Tom Newman’s Faerie Symphony - which I found in full on YouTube for your delectation (if you like Horslips - give it a whirl) … and in fact only 3 that I don’t actually own ….

  • Tom Newman’s Faerie Symphony (hard to own if you have never heard of it)
  • Virginia’ Astley’s ‘From Gardens Where We Feel Secure’
  • Serge Gainsboro’s Histoire De Melody

[When I say ‘own’ … my vinyl collection needs to be checked - because I definitely do not have all of them in my CD/Digital collection - can someone check the vinyl for me - you KNOW who I am talking to …. BTW - talking of Faerie’s - why oh why do the Enid get left out of all the lists …


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The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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