The Chaps Eclipse Eclipse Guides

There are many Eclipse ‘dos and don’ts’ floating around …

… some even including the term “widdershins.” But this Chap at least found this among the more useful. That is, no less useful than many.

One understands Ms Raitt will be having her say on the matter, too.

And why not …

… and the chaps would be remiss if not to guide you with our own insights …

Someone knows the 15 best places to view the eclipse

But didn’t tell the scientist about two of them

Is this what is known as a low bar?

The Exploitation Economy Reaches The Mid West

Now We’re Talking

Sadly Route 66 needs additional side attractions these days

Today you only need glasses to see the eclipse - back then you needed telescopes

An excellent image depicting the correct glasses to wear - but please don’t try the head scarves … this was an early promotional shot taken in 2016 - in 2017’s America you can be arrested and deported for that.

Meanwhile - this is what those scientists I mentioned earlier are hoping to learn from today’s events - spoiler alert - it is all about the ‘corona of the sun’

Aah yes - you are talking my language.

Someone - please - HELP!!!

August 21, 2017