See Things Differently


This chap is actually very taken with a discipline in art that uses context, perspective and position before it makes sense .

For example in a recent article over on Biz Catalyst, he referenced the Apple video โ€˜Seen Things Differentlyโ€™ - and great example of that work. He even referenced the debate as to whether Apple really did borrow OK Goโ€™s creative ideas for their video.

Then of course there is the guy who pained signage inside a Melbourne Garage that only makes sense JUST at the moment you need to know what to do โ€ฆ

Scenes form inside Melbourneโ€™s Eureka Tower Car Park There are many examples as you wend the web โ€ฆ. but these ones I had not seen - spotted today over on Futility Closet.

The first is an artist who uses wood. (I particularly like this one since it shows the story of human development โ€ฆ baby, adult, old person

The second uses lego.

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