Musical Nuggets

This chap …

… spotted a couple of interesting musical threads this morning, and so for the better good of humanity is electing to share them.

Dark Side Of The Moon … check … no link necessary Dub Side Of The Moon … check - but in case you are wondering and now Doom Side Of The Moon … because you can never - EVER - have enough covers.


drop in your zip code and you too can find out what the popular music is in your ’hood.

However, I find this just as interesting. Because number FIFTY on the list of FIFTY songs is Metallica’s ‘Hard Wired’ … which happens to be the exact song that comes up when I put in my zip code - which is in the middle of a region of America where that particular musical offering is definitely not on the popular side.

Finally, I understand why people in the ’hood look at me oddly and when I leave the hood and say where I am from - people look at me oddly.


August 8, 2017