Clipping The Eclipse

It was a wonderful event…

Or so this Chap heard, from someone who does not live at the base of a west-facing mountain.  He understands there are, oh, oodles of photographs from all one’s friends, who are dying to share them.

And yet, as this Guardian feature delicately points out, photographic enthusiasm may be little substitute for skill. Especially when the subject is, as here, just a little tricky and elusive… Still, better luck next time, what?

So difficult to get the ideal placement Timing is everything – too soon, or too late? Over the shoulder, maybe? A telescopic view Creative use of a skillet for safe viewing Creative use of a fingertip? Creative subject priority And a little live(?) action… [video width=“224” height=“400” mp4=“”][/video]

Of course there’s always that one who just won’t follow the safety card…

For him and all others goose-stepping to that same drummer, the Chaps offer a few words from Talking Heads.

“No sense of harmony, no sense of time…” How prescient.

August 22, 2017