What Does It Mean To Be A Fan

Spotted On Some Social Media Board Somewhere:

A picture from an old Pink Floyd concert - entitled ‘Pink’

Entitled … I see what you did there!

The Response, Just Below It: “Which one?” The Response, Just Below That: “Which one’s what?” … which got this chap to wondering. He happens to know the Pink Floyd catalogue. Rather too well actually, but that’s altogether another thing  …

And can, apparently, actually remember it. And you know what they say about remembering Pink Floyd concerts…

Well this chap is talking albums - not concerts - but still - I assume you are referencing that old line “If you can ‘remember it’ - well - you just weren’t there!” ?

Of course this chap immediately got the lyrical reference from Wish You Were Here.

… and then immediately smacked his head after shaking it - wondering - who is this? How can it be that such a famous line can just pass you by?

One who probably attended the concert, and – well, see above.

Again - we are talking albums

And then The Original Chap thought some more

Classic Rock rates ‘Have A Cigar’ as the Floyd’s ninth post popular song - and the album it was from - ‘Wish You Were Here’ the second best album they ever did. Wish You Were Here also included 2 other top 10 Pink Floyd songs. As a comparison - Dark Side also had just three songs from the Floyd top ten.

So … big then?

My point?

My point is that anyone with a modicum of Pink Floyd knowledge should know that song and that specific lyric. But … if you didn’t know that the lead vocal was actually delivered by one Roy Harper - is that just stuff I know, or is it stuff that a true fan should know? Where do you draw the line? And I accept that I am probably an anomaly on this one - I mean even Tumblr alerts me to micro-blogs I should follow - like - oh - I don’t know … this one?

July 6, 2017