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This chap continues to be amazed by what you find out there … and he is not easily amazed.

That Would Be It ….

Creationist Ken Ham blames atheists and ‘fake news’ for failing Ark Encounter theme park

Read All About It If You Must

Maybe there is hope?

Except I never knew that it was tax payer subsidized.

The organization behind a tax-payer subsidized “replica” of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is blaming atheists for tax-payers getting fleeced by the project.

No - not that Phil Collins

Phil Collins: why I took a Soviet statue of Engels across Europe to Manchester

This seems to be a Phil Collins with talent - and seeks to rectify the wrongs of history.

Good Grief

… and no - this chap will not be buying a scooter anytime soon.

How A Sewing Machine Works

Via Elumish

… mesmerising

sorry … what?

And There We Have It …

If Obamacare repeal fails, Republicans will be forced to compromise with Democrats.

Mitch McConnell

In writing.

Standard Ebooks

This chap would argue that this is far from the right term to reference these books. These are not ‘standard’ - in fact far from standard. These are books that have been out of print and free for a while now - but some very nice chaps recognised that they needed some design love that the Google chaps had not been giving … now we have free and beautiful. Example - A Room With a View, by E. M. Forster Get more here.

July 4, 2017