.. and it is good to be reminded …

… how good Clean My Mac is. Speed Up EMail it says .. and tucked away to the side we see “Various mailbox issues”. I had one. Smart Folders highlighting messages as unread - when in fact there weren’t even messages in the folder - read OR unread. I have had this issue before - and it has ended up with stuff like deleting ‘plists’ - and no - you don’t want to be doing that lightly - but in the end it worked. But it is time-consuming and you can accidentally destroy stuff and cause yourself problems. Today I opened up CleanMyMac. I ran the speed up mail process, and less than a minute later all the ghosts had gone. < p style=“text-align: center;”>M A G I C Take a look for yourself - you can get a free trial if you don’t believe me - but I have had this software on my last three Macs and in a clean set up is the second app I install. (Right after 1Password)


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The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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