Forrester Clickbait

Why Would Forrester’s CEO Do This?

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It needs the company’s AI software Watson in its fight against Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.

because apparently

Apple is in a death match …

Well I - and many others - would disagree. In common with the rest of the world Mr. has no insight into what Apple has or hasn’t got under the hood. And, given that special relationship that Apple and IBM have - if they really wanted Watson - why wouldn’t they come to a licensing agreement? Oh, wait … maybe George should read more!

The transformative potential of the iOS enterprise took a huge step forward this week, with IBM giving iPhone users in-app access to the powerful cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson, using MobileFirst for iOS apps.

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Apple could write the check tomorrow – it has $268 billion of cash reserves, and IBM’s purchase price would be in the $200-$250 billion range. Probability of deal? Low to nil. Apple would have to find another home for much of the IBM portfolio – perhaps Michael Dell would welcome some of it into his legacy kingdom. Additionally, Apple is focused on building a car, and that’s keeping it otherwise occupied. But hey, wouldn’t a car with a Watson brain be cool?

I think the only reason for this article is because somebody thought they had a clever visual to illustrate it …

July 7, 2017