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This Chap Reporting On Some Fine Words …

Jimi HENDRIX; performing live onstage (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns) … from even yet another chap that is not the same as this other chap - nor indeed yet another chap that kicked off all this ‘yet another chap’ malarkey. I think the chaps are going to have to come up with a more logical ontology to hold it all together. Anyway, suffice to say that this chap - not this chap (as in myself), no, the chap about which I started speaking …. has definitely not been quoted on this site before. The chap was explaining that a word he used in an email was his attempt to influence the OED … and then regaled this chap with this story …

The OED has a process and criteria for accepting new words — words such as “mondegreen” which was created by a woman who, as a child, listened to her mother read to her and misunderstood the phrase, “They’ve slain the Earl of Glammis and laid him on the green” to be “They’ve slain the Earl of Glammis and Lady Mondegreen.”  Now, modegreen is in the OED.  I love it!

Yet Another Chap

… and so do I.

Well, in that case you might just enjoy this from the NEW YORKER.

July 20, 2017