A Different Kind Of Company …

.. Or A Peek Into The Future?

Interesting read … and I for one doff my cap to anyone that can achieve this. Massive kudos. In the reading, I happened to note three things … 1) Valuation : Over $1 Billion 2) Revenue : $80 Million 3) Total Staff Count : 700 Which means that revenue per staff member is roughly $115K per person Here’s an interesting chart … This is from Business Insider I think it is probably true that most of Soti’s staff are not in the West … and is a solid example of what is happening in employment today - and why. But there’s more  … since in that Business Insider article, you can see the IT Sector is delivering $484,000 per employee, so Soti is way ahead of the average - but still have a way to go when you realise that Cognizant are down to $52,000 per employee! Not only that,  if the average revenue per employee is $52,000 - after  you take out taxes, profits, buildings and all the other costs of doing business, how much is left to actually pay the people?

Two thoughts I will guess that average salary will be 50% of revenue per employee - and that is being very generous, it is probably lower. If you are earning $26,00o a year in IT of any kind - I will guess that you are not working in the USA or most of the rest of the Western World. This is a very different kind of company than most people typically think about …. (Read all about the man who built a $1bn firm in his basement.) … but definitely, a sign of things happening and still to come.

< p class=“postguide”>Meanwhile … … the valuation is based on roughly a 12.5 revenue multiple - that is generous and it is also unclear where that valuation comes from, given that the company is still 100% owned. But that’s another thing.


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