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Edge Cases Are Real

I just had to switch servers, one that has a lot of parked domains. That meant going to three different registrars (I know I have to consolidate) and entering the new IP address in place of the old one. Why haven’t we created another level to DNS that lets this just be a matter of changing a constant in one place.

Dave Winer

I feel his pain … and I know where the solution lies … it’s called #CustomerTech - some might know it as #VRM - it’s an initiative that Dave’s good buddy Doc Searls has been driving for the past ten years. Companies like and JLinc are at the vanguard of this thinking … apps for people to manage vendors. I mean if we can have a single financial app to manage our banks, brokers and bonds - surely it is way easier to have a single app that manages our DNS servers? I guess the problem is that people that need to manage DNS servers are edge cases to begin with … but multiple registrars to manage their multiple DNS servers … that sounds like it’s the ‘edge of the edge’.

July 19, 2017