Big-Lebowski-Vinyls… or just a chap trying to get things right. This is the question for the day. This Chap Was Happy To Publish .. this on one of his other sites. It’s a tiny little rant on accuracy in reporting, Even yet another chap … not the other chap … nor yet another chap - no this was even yet another chap

This could get complicated

… weighed in through email thus …

Perfect. You are right. It used to be a part of journalistic integrity. One of my favorite examples is the headline: “Four armed men rob bank” – writing that is sloppy, because it can be misinterpreted in weird ways. As a media outlet, you need to care for your readers and be clear at the outset.

Which, I have to say resulted in some rapid I/O calls on this chap’s memory card, eventually conjuring up this site, that features this graphic …

Interesting to note that when even yet another chap saw this he remarked … “Kind of like a musical scale, but for poetry and prose.” … which in a meta way, this chap thought quite poetical - and much better, succinct way of looking at it than this chap’s.

Meanwhile, this chap liked it becasue it was a nice, visual way …

I see what you did there

… of pointing out that were you to comment on somebodies, say …

deliciously, rounded, clean, classic, yet plummy, british  accent

… that in fact would be the only correct way to do it. Since (say) having a

rounded, plummy, clean, classic, deliciously british  accent

… is just plain wrong of course this distinction is not immediately apparent - where as something like

Four armed men rob bank

well, that’s just wrong - or could be.

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