Wheels Within Wheels

This Chap happened to catch This Video yesterday ..

… as you do and I still don’t get the beard - but heh - if it works for Dave - this chap is good.

Other Chap may not be aware that Michael Stipe – late of R.E.M. – is apparently also something of a pogonophile, to the degree of sporting a remarkably similar appendage. So similar, in fact, that one writer posited the thesis that Letterman and Stipe were one and the same person – a thesis apparently supported by Stipe’s Instagram feed.

… as the other chap correctly surmised .. new news.

Wheel Number One …

It wasn’t planned - turns out that Neil Young was going to do this - but had to cancel at the last minute. As we wrote here - which in turn linked to here - this chap thinks there is something going on … That said, it was good to see - he has been a long time fan of Pearl Jam arguably doing for Pearl Jam what Terry Wogan did for Dallas in the UK (albeit in a more positive manner!). Meanwhile, during Dave’s speech, he made reference to a band called Mother Love Bone. No, this chap hadn’t heard of them either - but he thought he would check them out - it’s a public service that we chaps do for you. Well now, not surprising, I was never big into the Seattle Grunge Scene and this particular band released one single album - and sadly the leader of that band - Andrew Wood died of an overdose before the album was even released. Add Mother Love Bone to the subset of Grunge Bands that include Alice In Chains,  Soundgarden and Nirvana.

Wheel Number Two

Turns out that album was recorded at The Plant. The Plant - Sausalito You might not have heard of The Plant - but it has hosted Fleetwood Mac, Santana, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sly and the Family Stone, Prince, John Fogerty, Narada Michael Walden, Heart, Journey, Starship, Huey Lewis, Sammy Hagar, Kenny G, Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, Jerry Harrison, Chris Isaak, the Dave Matthews Band and Booker T. Jones .. to name just a few.

And why a wheel?

That building is just round the corner from me. Pass by it a lot. It’s sad, empty, shuttered these days … and for sale. This chap often wonders how many people know its history as they walk by it. SaveSave

June 26, 2017