We Just Want To Do Something We Love

Sally Thornton : Forshay : 2015 Stowe Boyd posted this today  

  • referencing and quoting a wikipedia article talking about Ikigai first published December 2008, although the graphic Stowe used seems to have come from here …. highlighting a similar (identical?) diagram here - what do you think?

That said, The Toronto Star Article contained a quote that resonated with me …

We don’t actually want to do nothing. We just want to do something we love.

Neil Pasricha

Now we’re talking. And guess what - there is - of course - a consulting group out there that run workshops for you. I love this idea. And when you realize that the Wikipedia article dates back to 2008 - you get the feeling that really there just are no new ideas - no matter what the copyright notices on graphics say.

Finding the purpose of your life. The Japanese call it IKIGAI and this is how you derive it. https://t.co/cxhWL0j3lJ graphic representation by @emmyzen (Emmy van Deurzen) The original graph is from Andrés Zuzunaga and was published in the spanish book “Qué harías si no tuvieras miedo” in 2012 and translated to many languages after that. this is an optimized PNG rendition of File:Ikigai-EN.svg for readability, SVG thumbnails generated are distorted

June 12, 2017