Tears To My Eyes …

No. I am being serious. Who would have thought it. Not so much from the performance, though I have to say it is rather good - but the reaction from the boys. I know - it is over 4 years ago .. but time is irrelevant. BTW … an awesome review of the performance and the history ….

This Chap knows die-hard Zep fans for whom “Stairway” brings tears to their eyes. And not in a good way. But snark aside, there may be another good reason, as Onstage Magazine noted at the time. Jason Bonham was on the drums, for Plant, maybe the image of his closest friend and longest-lasting musical collaborator.

Truth in that - and the son is - apparently - an absolute ringer for his dad.

Wait … “longest-lasting musical collaborator.” … what’s Jimmy then?

According to the Onstage article cited above, Plant and Bonham were playing together about 1964. Page recruited the two of them into Zep in 1968.

John Bonham, 1975 It’s not a stretch to think that the image of Jason Bonham, eerily reminiscent of his dad behind that kit (as the members’  Zeppelin IV symbols appear on the video screen), may have been just as probable a trigger of the tears as any level of emotion put forth by Ann and Nancy Wilson that night. There is no question that the performance was excellent; there is no minimizing that. But when you look a bit closer at Plant’s face in that footage (namely at 4:31-4:34 and 5:06-5:11) as his tears become harder and harder to hide, you will see an expression that’s a million miles away from that hall in Washington D.C., – perhaps back in the annals of time to 1968 when he clung to his musical brother for dear life as they ventured into a musical landscape that they would both irreversibly alter.

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June 26, 2017