Spotted - So Sharing (5)

Eight ‘snippets of snark’ … and every single one is Trump related, so depending on your personal predilection read on - or move on.

The Best Autocrat

… you know we can never resist a good cartoon … but the article is pretty good aswell …

Trump is the best autocrat. The best. Nobody has a better autocrat than we do.

Retro Trump

… but not what you might think. Go on - click through - funny and fun! … and we just love the retro style.

Trumps Lies

The New York Times has published The Definitive List of President Trump’s Lies.

I will take that definitive list - and raise you by one diary … because Amy Siskind is maintaining a weekly diary of just what Trump has been up to since it all started.

Hello Usher, My Old Friend

Incoming usher Timothy Harleth will be in charge of important things like the daily White House lawn vacuuming. Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

The Trumps have hired a manager from the Trump hotel in Washington as White House chief usher. The previous usher was inexplicably fired from the historically non-political job last month.

Of course they have!

A little surprised they didn’t bring the Head of Security over too, now Melania has moved. Or maybe that was the idea

He is head of security at Tiffany’s in NYC, so they would have to move him … go through all the HT rigmarole - so maybe a little outside of ‘The Don’s’ control?

Woody - No - Not That One

Apparently Billionaire Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, will be nominated as the new US ambassador to Britain, according to the White House.

Good Grief - We Have Got To Be Kidding … he hopes

Nope - still happening.

Possible light - requires Senate confirmation.

Eric, Eric, Eric …

… Eric Trump is pictured with another animal he killed on a visit to Zimbabwe.

In a strange choice of language, Eric Trump says…

My father ‘accomplished more than any president in history’

You could not make this stuff up – after all, we know he hasn’t … but still, why ‘strange choice’?

Well if you think about it, ‘Has accomplished’ would be more suitable for something ongoing. ‘Accomplished’ has a sense of terminality, more usually found in an obituary.

Maybe he knows something we don’t?

I somehow doubt he knows anything somebody else don’t.

While on the topic of language …

Now we all make mistakes in our copy - don’t we … but this speaks to either 1) not spotting the mistake, because of the writer’s bad education or 2) not spotting the mistake because there is no attention to detail … ever. Either way, it is appalling - and no - this is not fake news - sadly it is true.

It Might Not Make The World Go Round …

… but it sure does make Trump …

Salon suggests the reason Trump has been so unsuccessful making real change outside executive orders is that money is the only leverage he understands. When he can’t use it – say, with civil servants – he’s lost.

But what’s that thing actual leaders use – ‘motivation,’ or something?


June 29, 2017