Spotted So Sharing (4)

travis … it’s amazing how many things pop up and makes you think … whaaaaat?

Not My Problem

Who knows what problems exist in the world that we don’t even consider.

Well, we now know that it is big enough for Volvo to set out to build a ‘kangaroo detection system’.

Cat Videos

And you thought cat videos were new a phenomena!

I thought the meme was ’On the Internet no one knows you are a dog!

This Feline Boxing Match From 1894 Is a Precursor to the Cat Video

Four Things in Those Two Sentences

“Travis has always put Uber first. This is a bold decision and a sign of his devotion and love for Uber.”


“For those who don’t speak fluent tech director, there are four things in those two sentences that are not true.”

Kara Swisher

Truth … take a look at this chap’s take on Uber and ‘The man’ in his recent Medium article …

Probably …

.. and none of this kit is even needed from what I can see!

…the most boring radio station in the world … here’s an example of what they broadcast

… I know …. right? More on this and other “numbers stations.”

More strange creepy stuff

The wilds of Wikipedia have some strange inhabitants, and not just the ones who compile it. Some of the entries are – downright disturbing…

A 1977 ITV show that reported on plans to colonise the Earth and Mars, with many top scientists and political minds disappearing as they were prepared for evacuation from the dying Earth. It was meant as an April Fools joke.

Travis Knew - And So Does Trump

Trump Travis Tries Triangulation Trickery!

They both do it … in fact even ‘Kush’ does it … as we chaps demonstrated here. This one though is Travis …

Alphabet says Travis Kalanick knew one of Uber’s acquisitions had taken Alphabet files

DUH! Of course he knew! Remember folks - you read it here first!

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June 28, 2017