Spotted - So Sharing (3)

Who knew how much you all were missing out on before we kicked off this new category of posts … basically a collection of ‘Many More Things’.

Leaking Like A Collander

GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters

.. maybe it is the conspiracy theorist in me - but what if this was done on purpose?

Good thought. It’s already been suggested that it’s a great way of skirting legal prohibitions against PACs sharing data – just dump it in the open for your partner to pick up by, as it were, accident or good fortune.

Way Beyond 180 …

How Long Would It Take to Count to a Million?

.. and they say this blog is a waste of time !!!

Communication Redefined …

President Trump wants a ‘sweeping transformation’ of government tech, he says at a White House meeting with execs

“Little of substance was discussed. But D.C. and the Valley are weirdly disconnected, and this was a rare case of them at least listening to each other — while still not talking the same language.”

How does that work again?

Self Driving Cars - They Are Not So New …

This Bizarre Film Warns of the Perils of Self-Driving Cars

… and you thought self driving cars were a new thing - this from 1911 - and no that is not a typo.


June 21, 2017