Spotted - So Sharing (2)

… you know how it is . You see stuff, you think ‘golly’ - now that IS interesting - I haven’t got much time to write a lot about it - BUT - our readers might be interested. That’s why we thought to introduce a new category that we are calling  ‘Themed Things That Thundered’ … at least until we come up with a better name. THis one happens to be all music. As you know - single themes will not be the rule.


Ok - despite this comment - a few days ago, I still hold that Radiohead is nt a Progressive band - that said interesting to read this where  Jonny Greenwood Finally Admits That Genesis Influenced “Paranoid Android”.

Who knew?

Penguin Cafe

Tiny Desk Concert

I need to become a proper fan of the ensemble. Always enjoy their work - but somehow never invested in them - recorded or live. Shame on me. Still, why not click through to this … just seeing so many musicians and instruments packed into such a small space is fun … no?

Bob Seger

Bob Seger’s back catalogue  is ‘finally’ available on streaming services.

Bob Seger - hanging in that very tight intersection of people that stream with people that care about Bob Seger.

Neil Young

Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit Concert Will Not Be Held in 2017

… which strikes me as very sudden news – what say you?

Steve Earle

Steve Earle Calls Noel Gallagher “The Most Overrated Songwriter in the Whole History of Pop Music”.

I would add (if you will allow me to channel Alice for a brief moment) … ‘over rated’ suggests that there was originally a rating.

There wasn’t.

Gene Simmons

Simmons says he took devil’s horn gesture from Spider-Man

 … which confuses this chap … if he admits that he essentially stole the symbol from Spider Man - how can then he argue to trademark it.

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