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… you know how it is . You see stuff, you think ‘golly’ - now that IS interesting - I haven’t got much time to write a lot about it - BUT - our readers might be interested. That’s why we thought to introduce a new category that we are calling  ‘Themed Things That Thundered’ … at least until we come up with a better name.

Breaking Bad

Reality drives Fiction drives Reality.

LISD teacher arrested in Austin for allegedly having 66 pounds of cocaine in truck …

Or is it the other way round?


If Yoko Ono had the writing rights righted right back in the 80s like John said she should …

Yoko Ono Joins John Lennon With Credit Line For Writing ‘Imagine’


Despite an against all the odds election - impressive how the UK media still credit Jeremy as being a Marxist ….

59% Of Brits Agree With Marxist Corbyn: Empty Luxury London Flats Should Be Used To House Homeless

Only In America …

… can it make the news when someone decides that it might be better to use cutlery when eating.

McDonald’s Just Introduced A Menu Addition That Will Literally Change The Way You Eat Burgers

The Rock has his own Meme

A few people playing around with Dwayne on Twitter

Only Partly The Truth

When Sadiq Khan says we owe it to the Grenfell Tower victims to establish the full truth … I am bound to ask - aren’t the rest of us?

Attorney general Jeff Sessions

Man Ravaged by Amnesia Somehow Able to Hold Down Demanding Legal Job writes Andy Borowitz in the New Yorker.

… well yes - there is satire - but there is truth. There is reality.

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has acute memory lapses, and is unfit to serve as Attorney General

That said - this is totally true, it is in the news, it can be the only explanation. Can’t it?

Those Were The Days My Friends …

BOAC’s Skycot for infants

Reality Bites

I have seen the movies, I didn’t know the name, though may he rest in peace … that said the headline hit me like a rock … not this one.

This one … Stephen Furst Dies: ‘Animal House’, ‘St. Elsewhere’ Actor Was 63


Zuckerberg and his merry crew pushed the singularity along just a little further as they “smashed game theory together with deep learning to equip machines to negotiate with humans.

We already have an emotionless, socially-avoidant robot with poor judgment in charge of Brexit negotiations (at time of writing) – maybe she could use the skilled help?


June 19, 2017