Move Over Canva, Visme Has Arrived

A Story Of Success

If you have been looking around wondering how to create your own sexy images and infographics for your blog and social media presence - you have probably heard of Canva. Hell - you have probably got an account. I have. And it works just fine. And then I found Visme. On the face of it - same product … different name. Right?

Wrong! I am not a product reviewer - and so will not be going into the who where, why-for and whats in this post. Not my job - but I have tried both. Now, if you wander out there and try to get an independent assessment as to which is best - it tends to come down to Visme over Canvas - but what is interesting is that when you drill into the sources of the information that compares the two, a lot of the reviews tend to reference back to Visme as a source. That alone I found interesting, it is hardly an unbiased viewpoint, but some how Payman and his team are truly punching above their weight. Very cool.

Founder and CEO - Payman Taei But, with that said and done - how do you ensure that you avoid bias? Well, sorry to say you don’t. We all have bias - no matter how objective you try to be. But you can look at the products for yourself and compare. That is what I did. But aside from that, there is another thing that interested me. Going back to those reviews I was looking at, I decided to do some more digging - specifically into the funding space. As someone who is constantly working with small businesses, founders and entrepreneurs wanting to make it big with their next big idea, I am always delighted to see someone who does it through the time honored mechanism of ‘boot strap’, This ‘look-back’ on 2016 from Payman Taei - their CEO and founder says it all - they might have been bootstrapped- but their vision and execution against that vision - was solid. I then popped over to Crunchbase to see what they have to say … and how they compared to Canva.

  • Canva on Crunchbase - bottom line a little over $45 million to date
  • Visme on Crunchbase - bottom line, no external investment, so yes, boot-strapped they are, just like Payman says and which for my money wins every time - all else being equal.

The full review of Visme’s own progress can be found on their blog here. Impressive, but it’s not just about being the underdog, it is about being the best … and I have to say Visme quite simply is that. As someone who has been steeped in the concept of Structured Visual Thinking for many years, I am in that category of ‘not an artist / designer / graphics whizz’ .. like my friend John Caswell - who founded Group Partners and produces work like this … ‘just like that’ … and so I am always looking for and playing around with software that can help me do better. Visme is in that category. I do not need to be an artist to get results, but it can - and does - help me get my ideas and visualisations out of my head and into a visual that I can use. Perfect. The fact is Visme, to me at least, is a richer, more capable solution than anything else I have tried to provide a solution to the problem that you are solving.

And what problem is that?

Well certainly there is that infographic … but there’s more.

  • Do you want your graphics to look different to the rest of the crap out there? You don’t? Then why use those standard templates that are out there .. that makes you look like everything else out there?
  • You want flat? Or do you want interactive?
  • Do you want to know how your work all worked out?
  • Do you want your graphics to work for you?

Whatever your hearts desire …. Visme can help you. Enjoy. I have.

June 26, 2017