Meanwhile, At Grenfell Tower

The Queen pays a visit …

… and finds someone out of place.

Now some of you might think that you saw this a couple of days ago - and indeed you did - it is not your imagination failing, your age creeping up on you … at the end of the day - it was as they say in the military a bit of a ‘snafu’.

Then again, The Book of Heroic Failures found out while compiling their 10th-anniversary edition that it was actually the 11th …

oh the irony ….

But bringing it all right up to date …

On Friday [the 16th], President Donald Trump boasted during his Miami speech in front a room full of Cuban-Americans that “it’s exactly two years tomorrow” since he descended down the escalator and announced his presidential run.

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The problem is that the 16th is when he did the escalator ride - ie - the day he was actualy talking.

At least we aren’t that bad!

Are we?

June 20, 2017