Let’s Look Back, But Not In Anger!

The Chaps are readying themselves for a bit of a transition. But we hope you won’t notice. Anyway, in anticipation, this chap has been looking around the site and thought he would share some links to some posts that have been updated since they were originally published. We think improved - but really that’s your vote not ours. Why not click in have a gander and share into the big wide world.


How About Harry Styles? … there is a world famous drummer that has offered to play for him. Not that he needs to - he just thinks that Harry is cool and has a vibe that vibes with his vibe, That said, you might be surprised at who that drummer is.

Remember Further musings on AI, programming and music … well quite apart from the rather interesting videos that got embedded there - the post expanded and well tickle me with a feather duster - comments galore appended!

Oh … and then the Maths v Math debate … turns out we aren’t talking ourselves judging by the commentary that appended itself to that post.

Mashups? … proof that just because you can - does not mean you should, for example check out the third mashup we just added.

Remember the Drones post? … turns out that there has been some additional conversation, video and even a potential time warp introduced.

And finally (for this chap at least), even as he updates you on the updates, the other chap is updating stuff not yet updated. It’s a fast changing dynamic world we live in … ‘it says here’. Over and out - but do check out the extensions to the Dan Auerbach post. Is he really the John Travolta of modern pop music? Meanwhile, back to the chaps - I am reminded of the Escher hands - who will get there first? SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

June 10, 2017