F’get About It. We Have It Covered.

Guardian - Chris Riddell 29th Jan, 2016

The Guardian’s diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour has reported that the US president told Theresa May in a phone call that he does not wish to go ahead with a state visit if large-scale protests will be held against him. BBC’s Joe Lynam added that Downing Street said there will be “no change” to plans for Trump to visit.

The Guardian, 11th Jun, 2017

This chap is wondering if Theresa has powers we are not aware of. If the thin-skinned welk doesn’t want to visit the UK because he is afraid of people demonstrating against him how can Theresa force him? The only alternative is that she must guarantee that there will be no protests.

Anyone worried yet?

Because - well - you know ….


June 11, 2017