Still No Words ….

The Gatling Continues


No - not the sexual predator that just got fired from Phaux news. Nor indeed the esteemed book publisher. No. No - the Auto Parts people … Did you know that on their site it is possible to try to buy and ‘EB Enterprises Flux Capacitor’ … you didn’t? Go take a look. You might find it useful if you want to go back in time and change the course of history. (And who doesn’t these days?)

Except that if Graham could have bought one, then surely he already would have. And would probably have engineered this entire blog. Not to mention, unlikely meeting – to make sure the Other Chap would have never written the above. Or at least, have phrased it in a way that made it look like a hoax. Possibly …

Exactly. I think …

Number Two At The Interior Department

Not satisfied with Ryan Zinke as the number one , the number two - who is yet to be approved by the Senate is this guy. Lest you have forgotten …

The U.S. Department of the Interior is responsible for the management and conservation of most federal land and natural resources; it oversees such agencies as the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Geological Survey, and the National Park Service. The Secretary also serves on and appoints the private citizens on the National Park Foundation board.

… what could possibly go wrong?


… you know that little company that is chaired, funded and founded by Peter Thiel. I forgive you if you haven’t heard of them …. they are a tad secret, but trust me they know more about you than you do. A fascinating read and a good video to watch.  Bottom line  Alex Karp the CEO isn’t exactly a fan of Trumpette, so will he pull the contracts or does he need them more than Palantir needs him.

The Bull versus the Little Girl

Fascinating read. To jog your memory - the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue that appeared on Wall Street facing off the Bull ? Somethings I did not know.

  • The Bull is still owned by the artist. It itself was a stealth guerilla project to get it into place.
  • ‘SHE makes a difference’ … the Little Girl … is similarly positioned - but in fact is nothing of the sort.
  • In fact … (my highlights)

Note it’s not She makes a difference, it’s SHE makes a difference. It’s not referring to the girl; it’s referring to the NASDAQ symbol. It’s not a work of guerrilla art; it’s an extremely clever advertising scheme.

Read All About It.

Fake Beer Anyone?


But not quite as good as this - (via Futility Closet), and which - despite the name - is also not Fake. This is real beer, available in Germany, with the name approved by the EU.

Though - of course with the necessary disclaimers …

“The word combination claimed contains no semantic indication that could refer to a certain person or group of persons,” the office noted. “Nor does it incite a particular act.” “It cannot even be understood as an instruction that the reader should go to hell.”

May 2, 2017