Obsessed Part I: Words

It all started with a Talking Head …

… or ‘heads?’

Not just any old image of ‘Talking Heads’ - but an image that was originally developed for the band - and then rejected. Too obvious for them?

This Chap became aware during that last piece that there are obsessions afoot …

I see what you did there.

… in rock music. But where to start? Maybe with the ones that came up previously, and go from there.

Words. We were talking about words.

Then of course Tom Tom Club had “Wordy Rappinghood”

And wouldn’t you just know it, all kinds of songsters have things to say about Words, from Neil Young …

to Extreme …

to the Other Chap’s suggestion, Hawk Nelson …

John wants to clarify …

Yes indeed, it was he who suggested this particular visual ‘delight’, but To be clear - not because he enjoyed the music - or even the video (as in its entirety), but rather the nifty mechanism at the beginning of - and then throughout the video that had all the words swirling about. It seemed to play to the other chap’s theme of ‘words’.

… but - there’s another thing. Play the video through and that clever word thing does work and to this chap at least - seems quite original. In complete contrast to the other main video effect - the three-person band playing in some large warehouse with essentially no equipment, no wires and no audience. It makes this chap wonder if they are trying to win you over by demonstrating that nobody likes them - so they are that rare commodity … and you could be the first person to discover them.

… kind of like wine - or restaurants … you know like you love it - until everyone else finds out about it … and then you need to move on. Does that work in music?

Oh - and another thing … why are all our musical references taken from our genration …. allow me to break the mould and re-introduce you to ‘Maurice’.

Touché ! Almost enough, though, to turn a Chap Brexiteer. (That and the paedophilia …) … but that’s another thing … entirely.

.That said, there does appear to be some universal aberration here. Or at least some small omission? R.E.M. are rarely quiet on literary stuff.

Turns out the Stipe obsessions may lie elsewhere. Who’d a thought?



not to mention “Memphis Train Blues” and others.

I never understand why someone writes ‘not to mention’ - they immediately go on and mention that which they have already declared should not be mentioned - and even expounds further. Is it just me?

Yes. It’s not uncommon (pace Orwell).

And they are not alone… Wikipedia lists over 1,000 songs about or featuring trains – the earliest, “Carrollton March,” dating back to 1828 – even before there were any public trains in the USA.

Much more to come on this – but as a small taste …

May 15, 2017