Fifty Years

A Lot Can Happen

I was delighted to guest on Randall Rospond’s Manao Radio Show yesterday. Fun as always. Thought I would share the interview with some of the songs we played from The Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s and Pink Floyd’s First Album - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. I chose those two albums since Sergeant Pepper’s is inextricably linked with ’67 - and The Summer of Love - but you might have forgotten that 1967 was also the year when The Floyd released their first album. What you might not be so aware of is that both albums were recorded in Abbey Road - at round about the same time.

The Interview   [audio m4a=“”][/audio]  

The Music

For example Paul and the boys invited Syd and the boys to come and listen to them lay down this one … and yes, the video is not the original - but it’s nice to have some decent visuals - right?

The very next day after The Beatles recorded Lovely Rita, Floyd recorded The Scarecrow … British Pathe News made this video.

Again - not the ‘official video’ - but …. Pow R Toc H from the Floyd used a number of sound effects and shared engineering skills with Lovely Rita.

Here is my question … so many people talk about how groundbreaking Sergeant Pepper’s is/was. And I would not deny that - for a mainstream band to do what they did - 50 years ago - was extraordinary … BUT check out what was going on in the studio right next door to them. < p class=“postguide”>Astronomy Domine

Interstellar Overdrive

Arnold Lane - banned when originally released

… and of course one of their rare singles …See Emily Play

All 50 years old this year. And if that doesn’t make you wonder about time … note that it is 50 years since the Summer of Love. 50 years before that - Europe was in the middle of The Great War - The FIRST World War. And then there was the SECOND World War which started just 25 years later. Yes - the Summer of Love was a long long time ago.

May 21, 2017