Expense - All Relative


As you read the news and ogle at the oligarchs with seemingly far too much money to burn - consider this.

Time was when everyone thought that the Apple Watch was an expensive accoutrement. NO longer. It is now officially a bargain.

For you - yes you - too can have an hour glass for a mere $12,000. But better be quick - only 100 are available.

This chap would like to point out that

  • Apple generally sells more than 100 of anything before ‘the supply chain gets constrained’.

  • You can ’read all a’bart it; here.

  • Cough…

Each is numbered “1 of 100” just below the “HODINKEE” signature on one side, with Marc Newson’s signature on the opposite side. Each custom-fitted orange foam box also contains a leather coaster on which you should always set the Hourglass to avoid scratching it. Likewise, there is a pair of white gloves in each package, and we suggest using them to avoid leaving fingerprints. Finally, each Hourglass includes a copper-foil certificate of authenticity signed by Newson himself.

… each is numbered ‘1 of 100’ - not 1 of 100, 2 of 100, 3 of 100 etc - as would be usual … what’s up with that?

May 30, 2017