The Chaps’ Challenge

The chaps are well aware that the posts are attempting to be a dialogue.

Heh - I used the word ‘attempt’ - we know we aren’t there yet … but still - check this out.

Here’s the chaps’ challenge …

That post was originally dropped onto the site back in early January. We rapped. We commented. As the chaps do. And then - out of the blue - emerged the thought of a Twitter cooperative. Well - to us it seems all connected. But - how do you bring attention to the fact that that post has been updated?

Other than endless retweets on any changes. But that seems awfully akin to calling attention to oneself, and you know, English and all that…

Well - for now - dropping a quick post that cross-references back to the original post. It’s the best that the chaps can do for now. Enjoy.

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