A Perfect Guide To Help You Navigate Modern Business

I have followed Simon Wardley for a while now - and have to say - it is tough to get into the essence of his work - but the video below does it like no other introduction I have seen. Well worth a watch. For example, during it, he will explain how you too can understand, use and develop business maps like these. Β  Β  Wait, I can hear you ask - why do I have to understand something like this to run my business? Well - to extend what Mr.Wardley highlights in the video, very few people in the world can play chess and win without using a board. Business and more importantly β€˜Business Survival’ is an order of magnitude more complex than Chess. So, why do we insist on working without Business Maps? Trust Me. Watch It.

Β  Β 

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The site has been closed down and the material moved to this site for posterity.

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