History That We Sometimes Forget

As I was sorting through and cleaning up this site, I discovered this draft post that for some reason remained unpublished. That is now rectified.

I had time on my hands recently and found myself in The Marin Civic Center. It had been a few years since I was there, but was good to catch up.

You get to learn about that Dog Kennel that Frank designed. Really!

But the fact that it nearly never got built was a part of history that had completely bypassed me ….

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I never knew (or if I did - had forgotten) the difficulties and barriers that were put up, that had it gone another way, would have meant that the center would never have been built. There is plenty of information to be had on the display signage hanging on the walls. A fascinating read. When I got home, I looked up a bit more of the history.

This article ‘New Details - Old Controversy’, provided the best insights I could find  that tells the story in a both engaging and interesting way.

In the red corner,  William Fusselman

In the blue, Vera Schulz

My conclusion - so happy that there are people like Vera around to box up idiots, obstructionists and conspiracy theorists like William. I just wish there were more today, but that is a different story.

What Wikipedia Has To Say about it the center. (Spoiler alert … the information is as dry as ever).

April 8, 2017