Smart Devices? Absolutely …

… but you need to think outside of the box.

This chap got to thinking today …

… about a podcast by Mike Pesca last week. Sorry - I can’t recall which one, but as I have said before - you should be listening to him anyway. In this one, he got on to the topic of the ‘Internet of Things’ and explored specific projects on Kickstarter.

… and then a slot in the Daily Show last night (I looked - sorry - no YouTube video - but click here and spin through to minute 11.) included highlights such as

  • a kid’s toothbrush connected to a gaming device,

  • a smart hairbrush (you did read that correctly … and as Ronnie Chieng said … if you are taking advice from a hairbrush …) and

  • a dishwasher that listens to you … again Ronnie calls no fair … something that can do the dishes and listen to you? Game over!

Common thread?

SMART devices, IoT and all that mumbo jumbo.

Bottom line conclusion?

File in the ‘just because you should ….’ drawer - cross-referenced to hashtag WTF!

But there’s more ….

This particular Kickstarter campaign caught this chap’s eye ….

It was actually called out by Pesca - and a toaster was also referenced by Ronnie (this chap has no idea if it was the same one. The same one? I can hear you ask. There’s more than one project focussed on toasting pictures onto slices of bread?

This chap is sad to report that indeed there are. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that here are many such projects with many many people working on solving the problem of toasting images on your bread, through an app on your phone. Who knew that the problem was so extensive! Not I, that much I do know.

Sadly for you, this particular campaign has now closed it’s funding opportunity. The original funding only ran between August 7th and September 19th of last year. But don’t worry, in that short time …

1,967 backers pledged $187,849 to help bring this project to life

But - and this is a massive butt (typo intended), both Pesca and Ronnie missed out on the entirely obvious application for this toaster and the sheer brilliance of the solution.

Imagine setting the app to toast an image of a dark brown square all over your slice of bread …. I do believe that we would have toast - cooked equally all over - both sides for the first time ever - anywhere on the planet! And forever avoiding this disaster and plague on society that this image represents.


Be careful, though - don’t burn it …. Because crunchy toast can give you cancer … who knew? Apparently - the FSA in the UK. It must be true - It’s right here on the internet - and only reported 4 years after Australia’s FSA knew. Yet here … in America … nada! Whatever happened to Public Safety?

That - as we have come to understand is yet again - another thing entirely.

The other Chap writes:

Did not think much of the images-on-your-toast app. Selected the image, but was then the devil to load, needing a lot of fiddling with the toaster; still can’t get the melted plastic out of Bay 3, and T-Mobile as much as said it was my fault. Now, 3D printing of egg on said toast, there would be an app… A real Kickstarter. Especially with an “Add Cheese” option.

March 16, 2017