Posthumous 2017 Darwin Award

… well a contender at the very least. Click on through if you don’t know of the Darwin Awards.

This Chap marvels at the …

… idiocy, inadequacy of knowledge, stupidity, ignorance .. I am not sure what it is - but really?

A British man was fatally electrocuted as a result of charging an iPhone while he was using it in the bath, a coroner has recorded. The coroner warned of the dangers of using electrical devices in bathrooms, and said that he would be writing to Apple about the case …

The assumption is that this was Dick before his bath. Maybe that Red Label impaired the judgement? .. and why on earth would one be writing to Apple about it … really? If you want to read all about it - then click on through - but trust me - it will depress you . Not because the idiot is dead - but of the serious stupidity that the idiot demonstrated!

PC Craig Pattison told the inquest at West London Coroner’s Court how he found the extension lead running from the hallway outside into the bathroom.’

‘We found an iPhone plugged into the extension cable and then the charger element in the bath,’ he explained. ‘The extension cable was on the floor and it appeared as though he had his phone charger on his chest and the part between the phone charger and the cable had made contact with the water.’

And now we are all going to have to suffer because some coroner in Blighty is going to take it upon themselves to write to Apple - and suggest that they put appropriate warnings on their packaging - it’s The Starbucks Coffee Is Hot warning all over again!

The guy who died was called Dick Richard Bull - how appropriate.

Seriously - when you read some of the quotes from the original Mein Kampf Daily Mail article - it really reads just like The Onion. Some samples ….

His brother Andrew said he was amazed such a small device can be fatal.


’We can all be careless at times, when you’re younger you’re taught about electricity and the bath but you don’t think about it.

 Very sorry for the loss of life and all that … but we do live in a world that weeds out those that don’t qualify … shall we say.

The Other Chap adds…

Typically such matters are, one understands, prefaced by the classic phrase, “Here, hold my beer and watch this…” (Perhaps the Red Label served a class-appropriate, equivalent function?) The numbers of activities undertaken by (typically) younger males, “just to see,” are legion – common enough for EMS personnel to refer to them as “Job Security.” One recent version: swimming in the habitat of saltwater crocodiles…

A Saltwater Crocodile is pictured at the Australian Reptile Park January 23, 2006 in Sydney, Australia.

A teenager who was attacked by a crocodile after jumping into a river for a dare has admitted he did it to impress a British backpacker. …The teenager managed to punch the reptile in the head twice to free himself of its grip before he was helped out of the water. He is now recovering from the serious wounds to his arm. “I just wanted to show the backpacker. I got her number.”

Surely the age of derring-do and romance is not dead. The fact that certain Darwinite circles refer to the inevitable casualties as

chlorinating the gene pool

is clearly no deterrent.

March 21, 2017