Joan Baez Rocks Maui

This article, written by Rick Chatenever, was first published on the Maui News. Read it in full here.

Wearing a black T-shirt with the label “Nasty Woman,” she sang her first song to the “Nasty Man” now occupying the White House. It was a blistering condemnation, echoing many revelations coming out of the so-called fake-news media — only hers rhymed. Her original composition was not a very good song, she joked with the audience, adding that any of us could come up with a better one after we got home that night.


Indignation, righteousness, wistful soul and battered hope have long been signatures of her music. Funny, feisty, fearless, her hair is white now but she still has the moves of an ageless folkie guitar slinger. She reminded the audience … that it had been 50 years since the events described between her and a young “unwashed phenomenon” in “Diamonds and Rust.”


The iconic musical artist shared the bill with Jackson Browne, backed by Greg Leisz; and Krishna Das. Wavy Gravy, self-described clown prince of the ’60s counter-culture, served as emcee and Maui musician Randall Rospond performed before the show.

The full article is well worth a read and great kudos to ‘my brother’ Randall Rospond who provided the music before the show got started.

March 8, 2017