… is the essence. Don’t you think?

Trialing stuff. Playing around. Having a gander. Letting the dog see the rabbit. Having a Shoof(t)ee. The English language is full of such terms. Much as the eskimos supposedly have an entire vocabulary devoted to snow … so too these chaps when it comes to exploration.

Moreover … this very post is an example of such an experiment. Some might call it a self- referential post. This chap just calls it an experiment.

Move along now - and drop a comment below if you are wondering what’s going on.

The other Chap concurs…

Dad had been a police officer in rural Yorkshire, knew the place very well. He had a penchant for back roads, and would often go β€œthe pretty way.” An enduring (and endearing) phrase while out driving was, β€œI wonder where this goes?” A turn would be made, and off we would go, just because we could.

D.H. Lawrence expressed best the joy of experimentation for its own sake, in "A Sane Revolution":

it would be fun to upset the apple-cart

and see which way the apples would go a-rolling.

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