Droning On …

… it’s something that this Chap has been accused of …

but we’re talking of a different kind of drone. One that is your constant companion. I am of course talking about The Hexo+. I mean - who isn’t talking the Hexo+ these days? If like this chap you get around a bit - you can’t fail to have noticed the scourge of modern society - the selfy stick. No need to describe it - you know what I am talking about. Well, this chap is now happy to report - early days mind you - but nevertheless it is a start - that it is entirely possible that the selfy stick is destined to join the Dodo in the survival stakes. Consider this … it is well worth a watch - and a pretty good backing track aswell  - although not sure who it is …. neither did Soundhound. Anyway - this is a more extreme idea of a thought that has been bandied around recently, which is that each of us has our own drone which dutifully follows us around photographing stuff for us - correctly framing us in just so scenes - and really - we don’t have to think. (Well - those of us that still do think - won’t have to think …)

Sound good? Thought not.

This chap is already concerned about the number of drones that Amazon are going to have flying around in the skies delivering our loo paper to us - and of course Domino’s fleet of Pizza delivering drones … you think I am joking don’t you? Add it all together - and that tallies up to a lot of drones flying around blocking out the old UV rays that we currently enjoy. We need to get a central clearing house sorted - pronto -  to manage all our drone requirements. I am sure it will happen. It’s a job that doesn’t exist, yet - but it will happen. Meanwhile, I can hear you wondering. That is all well and good - but I am often travelling around doing my sightseeing and exploration with a case, or a rucksack, or a roller bag … or some such ‘stuff carrier’ - and if I always have one of those floating around me - well those drone shots from the air are going to make me look a bit of a dork. Problem solved ….

The other Chap suggests …

… an interesting variant on the theme of the monitoring ankle bracelet … or the ‘Golem parole officer’, per the wonderful Terry Pratchett’s “Going Postal”: Seriously, there’s a real danger that someone will suggest this.

Did the other chap just say that?

Yes. YES he did.

There’s also a more esoteric element. The Other Chap is not wrong. We all do, indeed, have our internal monitoring drone already, framing the shots etc. Think not? Than answer this – when we dream and see ourselves, who or what is observing?

Dreams are dramatic narrations written, directed, and produced by a composite dreamer who is unknown to us, who employs narrative as the instrument of phantasy and myth and uses neurophysiological perception-namely, visualization-to organize the chaotic, fragmented accretions of mental pain left over as residues of yet one more day of existence.

Tap into that and you have a full, rather frightening, 24-hour narrative. In full color.

What we commonly call a dream is the visual transformation of a never-ending pageant of events in the internal world….we never stop dreaming….

The Original Chap wonders …

… about the brain that sits atop the other chaps head. This chap knows that it is a good brain. Full of wondrous stuff. Of intellect. Thought. This chap would never question the other chap’s brain .. But what the hell does a Terry Pratchett clip have to do with the original article. This chap sees the lead-up. Gets the other chaps commentary - but remains at a loss. Can the other chap enlighten the lesser brain in the partnership?

Graham, happy to explicate as ever …

Best clip to be found, so maybe not quite clear. Maybe watch again? The golem, being immortal and untiring, is attached to a chap as his parole officer – following him everywhere at all times, keeping him ‘safe from harm’ … the excuse used by militarists and dictators through the years. Think of it as an ‘individualised Homeland Security’.

This Chap …

…has a feeling that this yet other Chap probably experienced just at this moment …

No I didn’t. Keep me out of it. I won’t be introduced in here for another 4 weeks or so. And besides - that isn’t me.

It is May 4th, 2017

… and this chap has just found this video. It demonstrates that in lieu of a drone - just throw your Go Pro in the air … and bob’s your uncle!

March 17, 2017